Why I Think Movies Are Scary As Told By “IT”

So I’ve been writing a bunch of other non-movie posts, so expect that soon, but I figured while this movie is hot on people’s mind I’d touch on it since I’ve just seen it around an hour ago as I write this.

When I saw the Pennywise in the first trailer for IT, I thought the same thing I thought when I heard a Dark Tower movie was coming out. “This is going to be a dumpster fire.”

I first just want to point out how right I was about Dark Tower

This book series also includes an group of robotic wolves dressed like Dr. Doom (Yes, from Fantastic Four) that fight with lightsabers and explosive golden snitches. Also, no words from that last sentence was false.

I was dead wrong about IT though. So wrong that, as I watched the movie, I also began to wonder what the difference between this genuinely engaging and scary movie and all the other shit horror movies that come out truly was. Somewhere in between lunch, I think I figured it out.

In my opinion, most horror movies try to scare the audience. The movie IT only wants to scare the characters.

You see, most hack-ass horror movies these days are like haunted house rides. There has been a big resurgence in haunted houses same as horror movies like the Insidious, The Conjuring, and The Paranormal Activity series. The thing about haunted houses however is that they work from the understanding that group after group of random people will show up on a constant basis. This mindset means there is little to no time to develop anything other than a jolt-like fear reaction meaning that both the physical and metaphorical bang for your buck needs to be fucking huge and quick.

Movies are not restricted in the same way haunted houses are, so why do exorcism movies set in the 70’s and found footage films set in modern day still essentially amount to this:

Again, in my opinion, horror movies forget that, above all, they are movies. Movies are little universes with their own characters and rules to follow. The audience is not a part of this world and should not be a factor in how it plays out. We are only supposed to be spectators. Thor, John McClane, James Bond, and Bridget Jones do not know you are there and are not making decisions purely for your enjoyment. The point is that their lives are so entertaining that you just so happen to enjoy it. For the most part, I feel horror movies have forgotten this which I greatly blame for, oh I don’t know, just name a series.

IT however is well worth your money and stands leaps and bounds ahead of any horror film that has come out recently if only because it never forgets the most important rule of it’s genre and honestly one of the most important rules in life as well…

It ain’t always about you, bitch.






Note: Harry Potter didn’t even see her. Who the fuck was she scaring?


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